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About Us

Why sell only products made in the USA?*

I own several companies. My first online company was LuxuryHomeProducts.com. We sold faucets, sinks, ceiling fans, and many other products online since 1998. I started to notice that the imports, especially those from China, were far inferior to the American made products. Let’s face it folks, nobody can out-engineer, out-build, and supply a product better than those “Made in the USA”. Sadly, the majority of products we offered were imported. Even the American companies began to farm their production to China, Mexico and India. I see that as a huge economic problem. I chose to drop all the lines made outside the USA and only represent those made in the USA. Since my decision to drop 85% of the products we represented, Luxury Home Products went from a giant company to a very small one. I decided to consolidate things by merging this new company with my Rachiele, LLC company. See our Copper and Stainless Custom Sinks made in the USA

* We decided to offer the hand painted sinks, even though the bowls are made in Europe. The bulk of the work and the dollars are American. Everything is hand painted in Florida.

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