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Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets

Please take a minute and look through the information on this link. Keep in mind, as authorized dealers,  we sell Waterstone at the lowest prices allowed by Waterstone! This is their policy: "Minimum Advertised Pricing - All Waterstone direct customers selling new Waterstone products on the Internet as defined in the sections above may not advertise or list a selling price for a Waterstone product that is discounted more rhan 20% from Waterstone's current suggested list price for any and all Waterstone products and related accessories." This is what happens if the dealer does not comply: Waterstone will notify the offending customer with proof of the applicable violation. Upon notification, all pending orders will be suspended and if the violation is not corrected within three (3) business days of Waterstone notice, all pending orders will be cancelled and the customer purchasing privileges with Waterstone will be terminated. Do you want to deal with a company that is "Cheating"  the system and could have YOUR order put on hold or terminated?

We are proud to represent the finest faucet line in the world - Waterstone. All made in America. Waterstone features a lifetime transferable warranty. Try and find another brand with that robust of a warranty!

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4410-18-4 Traditional Gantry Suite
Traditional Gantry Sutie. Includes Soap/Lotion Dispenser, Air Switch and single port Air Gap. GAr..
$4,741.00 $3,792.80
4400 Gantry Pulldown Kitchen Faucet
Annapolis Gantry Pulldown Kitchen Faucet.  Compatible with Reverse Osmosis filtration system..
$3,353.00 $2,682.40
4410-12 Towson Gantry Kitchen Faucet
Towson Gantry Single Handle Kitchen Faucet. Compatible with Reverse Osmosis filtration systems. &..
$3,892.00 $3,113.60
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